Explore Sewickley

Explore Sewickley is a non-profit located in Sewickley, PA. They focus on planning eventings for the residents of Sewickley. Some popular events they have organized are Sewickley Light Up Night, Sewickley Soup Crawl, and Sewickley Harvest Festival. As a graphic design intern, I created marketing materials used for the Explore Sewickley brand along with promotional materials for many events being planned.

These are posters I designed for the front windows of Explore Sewickley. They are to explain to information on the non-profit as well as information about them becoming part of Main Street, a national organization committed to historic preservation-based community revitalization. The small graphics in the posters were not created by me but by another designer who created them for Explore Sewickley to use in their marketing materials.

For this project, Explore Sewickley wanted to take their old logo, the first two images, saying "Shop Local" to say Explore Sewickley instead. They wanted to keep the design and only change the content and possibly the color. The versions I created are the seven logos below the first two. They used the Shop Local logo because they use to promote themselves using this name. Along with planning events, they sell items that are Sewickley related in their office building.

This was a graphic I made for Explore Sewickley's website slideshow to promote their events for Memorial Day Weekend.

This was a logo concept I designed for the Balance on Broad event. Balance on Broad was an event on Broad Street in Sewickley with help from the health and wellness professionals that have studios in Sewickley. The event included free classes including yoga, pilates, and other fitness classes. I created the character in the logo positioned in a yoga pose and "balancing" on the typography. This I believe has the logo tie into the theme of a fitness form along with representing balance.

This was an informational brochure I designed for Explore Sewickley's Soup Crawl event. The brochure explained how the soup crawl worked, where to go, listed the sponsors for the event, and how to vote for best soup, best host, and most unique. There is also a numbered map showing where the participating stores and restaurants were in Sewickley. I did not create the logo. They wanted me use the logo they created and used for previous years.