Mission Statement:

"I've considered myself an artist from the moment I could pick up a pencil. I learned to draw, which simply changed my life. I started as a fine artist, making simple sketches to detailed drawings.

As I became a teenager, art was my escape. I continued pursuing art in how I felt comfortable, along with searching outside my comfort zone to push my talent. I first discovered graphic design. I started by making digital art using different programs I could find free trials of. With the new age of the internet, this medium became my new toy on the playground. I was astonished with creating graphics and animations for online media.

I then discovered web design. This was a new world that I found amazing, being able to create and use part of the internet. I started teaching myself how to code and make simple web sites. My new hobby became coding websites and using my graphic design skills I taught myself to make them look stunning.

I enrolled to Bradford School and graduated in 2011 with my Associates Degree in Graphic Design Management. I continued schooling afterwards and am now working towards my Bachelor of Art Duel Concentration in Graphic and Web Design, as well as my Master of Science in Internet Information Systems. I know I made the right choice to go to school for this and to make this my future. I am an artist, designer, and coder. I am following the calling I have always had."

Dell Ad Campaign Poster, one of three.
ICP Website Concepts
AIGA End Gun Violence Poster.
My Very First Flower Kit and Brochure
The Dressing Room Magazine Website
Rubber Duck Project Poster
Super Mario Brothers Game Controller
CSS Zen Garden Website